Less hustle & GO, GO, GO and more flow & GLOW


In our complex and demanding world women leaders are shouldering a huge burden. You’re expected to advance in your career, influence change, manage conflicting priorities, take care of your family, stay healthy +++ be happy.

BOTTOM LINE: A LOT is expected of you!!

That’s why it's so important to keep re-calibrating AND have the support and encouragement of like-minded women leaders to:

✔️ Stay grounded in who you are
✔️ Maintain healthy balance
✔️ Boost your health & vitality
✔️ View challenges with higher perspective
✔️ Stay on top of things with low stress


Monthly Masterminds

Join me for a FREE discussion to FLOW & GROW

BIG ideas, breakout discussions, tools & resources + tons of inspiration with unique guests.

Your virtual mind-body-spirit "SPA" to rebalance, renew and nourish yourself so you can be the LIGHTHOUSE for others.

March 2023: Self-silencing: Why we hold back, shut down and withhold + what it costs us

April 2023: Undervaluing and over giving: Owning your worth and saying "No" with grace

May 2023: What you think of me is none of my business: Freeing yourself up from being attached to other people's opinions of you

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Are you a WHOLE woman?

Take the quiz and find out now

  • You have healthy balance

  • You navigate the highs and lows with calm focus

  • Your voice is being heard

  • You fully embrace your fears & failures

  • You don't apologize for being who you are

  • Your relationships are nourished and nourishing

  • Your health and wellbeing is your #1 priority

  • You go to bed at night feeling deeply fulfilled

  • You're on PURPOSE fulfilling on your goals & dreams


Multi-day interactive virtual workshop

Are you struggling with conflicting demands in your personal and professional life? Stressed out and depleted? Want more confidence to accomplish your goals & expand more influence? Being challenged to keep clear boundaries? Or, just feeling like you're out of balance?

It's time for the Whole Woman RESET!

In this multi-day virtual workshop you'll take inventory of each area of life to:
✔️ get clear on what really matters
✔️ reset your priorities
✔️ identify what you want(or need) to "prune"
✔️ redesign your ideal day and week
✔️create a new leadership & life action plan to stay WHOLE

90-minute to 2-hour zoom sessions with mind-shifting ideas, breakout discussions, Whole Woman journal, fun relaxation & renewal activities + precious time to RESET!


Thursday, May 4 @ 3-4:30pm CT
Friday, May 5 @ 11am-12:30pm CT | 2-3:30pm CT
Saturday, May 6 @ 11am -2pm CT

What Women Are Saying

Empowering. Renewing. Strengthening. Inspiring.

“I particularly loved the focus on mind-body connection. Was surprised how impactful it was as a virtual event & appreciated the small chunks. Definitely a 10!”

“Empowering, grounding session built around female fellowship and harmony. It reinvigorated me and reminded me to strengthen 'self' before I can strengthen others. An eye opening experience for all women."”

“I was renewed and inspired. Appreciated the practical tools and resources to manage stress and burnout and keep growing. Definitely a great investment of my time!"”

“Beautiful opportunity to connect with other great women in an inclusive space to share thoughts & stretch your thinking. Lots of practical tips and tricks, and a pause to reconnect with yourself. ”

“Gives me a chance to pause and reflect on how I show up in the world and how I can be more present, fulfilled, and at peace. Energizing, thought provoking, and inspirational. A great opportunity to connect with other women passionate about self-development and growth. ”

“As I am early in my career I got a lot of insightful tips and tricks I'm looking forward to using in the future. Thanks so much!”

Meet Sandy Asch

Aspiring whole woman & your guide on the journey to wholeness

TEDx woman speaker, woman of influence award winner, best-selling author, named in Inc. magazine as one of the best business books by a woman, resilience thought leader, mom, wife, business woman, spiritual junkie, keynote speaker and influencer of 55,000+ leaders in 50 countries in 6 languages.

My childhood growing up in South Africa, living in war-torn Middle East, immigrating to the U.S. on a one-way ticket with 6-month tourist visa and $3000 in my pocket, a grueling divorce, raising my son on my own and then—finding my soul mate and remarrying at 55 have inspired me and kicked my butt over and over.

Now, on my 5th continent, I am relishing in the s l o w, joyful and stress-free life in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I am truly exploring what it means to be a WHOLE woman.

All this has led me to The Whole Woman’s Way – a dream of bringing women leaders together in a supportive community to learn, grow and find our inner peace, embrace our worthiness, juggle the demands of our complex world with grace and joy and stay WHOLE. ROARRR!

Sandy Asch

Aspiring "whole" woman

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