Struggling with conflicting demands in your personal and professional life? Stressed out and depleted? Want more confidence to accomplish your goals? Or, hungry for the support of like-minded women?

The ultimate remedy for corporate burnout

Shift your perspective to navigate our current world and stay WHOLE!

  • Regular renewal that fits into your busy calendar and fills your “gas tank”

  • Non-judgemental encouragement and support from like-minded women

  • Empowering shifts in perspective to help you respond to challenges gracefully

  • Creative activities to help you access your deeper wisdom and inner peace

  • Inspiration to keep showing up and speaking up >> fulfill your career goals

Grow and evolve into your WHOLE self

Shift your focus from do, do, do...

You don't need another webinar or training on how to lead, or manage people, your time and communication. ENOUGH! You have all the skills you need, the IQ and EQ. Now , it's time to invest in your SQ - spiritual intelligence. Be more connected to your purpose, nourish your inner self & find more fulfillment. Be your WHOLE self.

Confidence + Worth = SUCCESS


  • Wisdom

    Learn how to fuel your purpose, develop mental and emotional strength and influence change

  • Community

    Connect with like-minded women to share ideas, support and encourage each other to fulfill your dreams

  • Strength

    Strengthen yourself to face any challenge with calm focus, and stay balanced and positive regardless of the circumstances

Your Whole Woman membership includes:

Be nourished & strengthened to show up fully at work & in life

  • Monthly virtual retreats with unique guests

  • Networking with like-minded women leaders to encourage and uplift you

  • Whole Wisdom - weekly coaching via SMS

  • Fun-filled activities to step into your power including dance, meditation, sound healing & more

  • Whole Woman journal to capture insights, ideas and keep growing into your purpose

  • On-demand access to recorded retreats (catch up, watch back or refresh yourself)

Our Whole Woman membership options are designed to strengthen and nourish you-- so you stay WHOLE in our demanding world. Click here to compare packages.

What Whole Woman Retreat Participants Are Saying

Aha! Wow! I never thought of it like that!

“I particularly loved the focus on mind-body connection. Was surprised how impactful it was as a virtual event & appreciated the small chunks. Definitely a 10!”

Amy, Community Relations Manager

“Appreciate the ability to spend time on me, and reconnect my mind, body and soul to my true purpose. Thank you, thank you... so needed!”

Wendie, VP Operations

“So many valuable lessons - networking, facing your opponent, standing your ground, executive presence. Thank you Sandy!”

Teresa, VP Business Consulting

“Energized and renewed! Love the dance breaks and diverse topics the presenters brought.”

Kathryn, VP Operations

“This was great use of precious time! Connected to my core and am pleasantly surprised how powerful dancing is. :-)”

Mary Ellen, HR Director

“As I am early in my career I got a lot of insightful tips and tricks I'm looking forward to using in the future. Thanks so much!”

Lauren, Emerging HR Leader

Monthly retreat themes

Shift your mindset, be more effective & have more peace of mind

We keep it real as we dive into a range of relevant topics:

May 2022: I am ... enough
How to give up undervaluing yourself and stop over-rowing

June 2022: Embracing the messiness of life
How to give up controlling the details and stop being Pinterest perfect

July 2022: Doing it all
The path to juggling home, career and life without burning out

August 2022: Sitting at the table
Embracing your unique feminine attributes in a male dominated workplace

September 2022: Authentic or emotional?
When is it OK to wear your heart on your sleeve at work?

October 2022: What you think of me is none of my business
Freeing yourself up from caring about other people's opinions

November 2022: Self-silencing
Why we hold back, shut down and withhold and what it costs us

December 2022: Connected Apart
The power of your "sisterhood" to encourage you, pick you up and %$#@ you in the butt

Are you a WHOLE woman?

Be wildly successful + deeply fulfilled on YOUR terms

  • Do you navigate the ups and downs with calm focus?

  • Are you using your gifts & talents fully to make a difference?

  • Are you embracing your fears & failures and using them to grow?

  • Are you bringing your full self to the table every day - no apology?

  • Are your relationships nourished and nourishing?

  • Is your health and wellbeing a top priority?

  • Do you go to bed at night content?

Meet Sandy Asch

Aspiring whole woman & your guide on the journey to wholeness

TEDx woman speaker, woman of influence award winner, best-selling author, named in Inc. magazine as one of the best business books by a woman, resilience thought leader, mom, wife, business woman, spiritual junkie, keynote speaker and influencer of 55,000+ leaders in 50 countries in 6 languages.

My childhood growing up in South Africa, living in war-torn Middle East, immigrating to the U.S. on a one-way ticket with 6-month tourist visa and $3000 in my pocket, a grueling divorce, raising my son on my own and then—finding my soul mate and remarrying at 55 have inspired me and kicked my butt over and over.

All this has led me to The Whole Woman’s Community – a dream of bringing women together in a supportive community to learn, grow and find our inner peace, embrace our worthiness, juggle the demands of our complex world with grace and joy and rise up to influence change. ROARRR!

Sandy Asch (she/her/hers)

Aspiring "whole" woman

Meet Sandy Asch

Aspiring whole woman & your guide on the journey to wholeness

Women from these companies have turned to Sandy Asch for inspiration, ideas and practical tools to be more successful and fulfilled at work and in life