A soul-expanding and mind-shifting path to being a woman in today's complex world

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The Whole Woman's Way is a gathering place where women of all generations, at all stages and all backgrounds connect to learn, explore and embrace how to effortlessly and graciously do it all - be wildly successful at work, raise extraordinary kids, have nourishing relationships and feel deeply fulfilled.

This is where we unabashedly embrace our fears, failures and flaws, awaken our souls to our inner truths and grapple with the challenges through deep, edgy conversations so we can expand our potential and be our full selves - wholeheartedly and joyfully.

You in?

"It is said that a woman alone has power; but together we have impact. We’ve been taught to be competitive with one another, but when we raise each other up and collaborate, that’s truly how we set ourselves up for success and have a lot more fun." 

- Sandy Asch

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Tune in every week for a soulful and edgy conversation with inspiring women -- thought leaders,  glass ceiling breakers, wholistic practitioners, authors, spiritual teachers and women forging their way in a complex world -- on how to embrace the messiness of worklife, elevate your consciousness, awaken more compassion, be more connected, sleep better and everything in between.



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    Podcast Episodes

    • Episode #1: Becoming Whole: The journey, challenges & possibilities

    • Episode #2: Embracing Your Flaws and Failures: How to give up judging yourself and leverage your “cracks” to be wildly successful

    • Episode #3: The game of life: Understanding the rules so you can win elegantly & joyfully - every time!

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    • Join the discussion ! Tell us who you are and what inspired you to join us on the Whole Woman's Way

    • What does it mean to be a WHOLE WOMAN? Discussion and sharing ideas.

    • Inspiration: Articles, resources, tools & tips to be WHOLE

    • Podcast topics, guests and their gifts

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    RISE UP Mentoring Sessions

    • Winning at the Game of Life with Wendy Rosenthal 10/15/21

Upcoming Podcast Topics


We keep it real as we dive into a range of exciting topics for women in leadership, young women rising up, mature women winding down, courageous women opting out of the workforce, moms, caregivers and every stage in between. 

Embracing the messiness of life: How to give up controlling the details

Undervaluing and over giving: Owning your worth

Connected. Apart.: The power of your "pride"

Doing it all: The path to juggling it all without burning out

Self-Silencing: Why we hold back and what it costs

What you think of me is none of my business: Becoming independent of other people's opinions

Sitting at the table: Embracing the divine feminine in a male dominated workplace

Authentic or Emotional?: When is it OK to cry?

Velcroing to your purpose: Living a life of deep fulfillment

Quarantining your thoughts: The secret to staying focused and positive

Black, Brown, White: Cracking the ice of real inclusion

Are you a WHOLE woman?

Discover what it takes to be wildly successful AND deeply fulfilled

  • Do you navigate the ups and downs with calm focus?

  • Are you using your gifts & talents fully to make a difference?

  • Are you embracing your fears & failures and using them to grow?

  • Are you bringing your full self to the table every day - no apology?

  • Are your relationships nourished and nourishing?

  • Is your health and wellbeing a top priority?

  • Do you go to bed at night content?


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Meet Sandy Asch

Aspiring whole woman & your guide on the journey to wholeness

TEDx woman speaker, woman of influence award winner, best-selling author, named in Inc. magazine as one of the best business books by a woman, resilience thought leader, mom, wife, business woman, spiritual junkie, keynote speaker and influencer of 50,000+ leaders in 50 countries in 6 languages.

My childhood growing up in South Africa, living through war in the Middle East, immigrating to the U.S. on a one-way ticket, 6-month tourist visa and $3000, a grueling divorce, raising my son on my own and then the blessing of finding my soul mate and remarrying at 55 have shaped, influenced, inspired me and kicked my butt over and over.

All this has led me to The "Whole Woman's Way" - a dream of bringing women of all shapes, ages, histories, stages together in a loving, supporting community to learn, grow and find our inner peace, embrace our worthiness, juggle the demands of our complex world with grace and joy and rise up to influence change. ROARRR!

Sandy Asch (she/her/hers)

Aspiring "whole" woman

Meet Sandy Asch

Aspiring whole woman & your guide on the journey to wholeness